6 Reasons Why Paper Flyers Are (Still) Very Effective In Generating Real Estate Leads From Your Specialized Area

Do you think marketing your real estate business using flyers are old fashioned? Think again! While we might live in an age of high tech advertising, social media and what not, the humble flyer is still a priceless marketing tool.

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There’s a reason why we have been using the same advertising technique for centuries. Flyers work! Whether you’re a broadband company, pizza restaurant or an entrepreneur, flyers are an effective way to get your message across.

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Here are 6 reasons why flyers are important in marketing.



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Flyers are extremely cost effective. Rather than overhauling your website, paying for advertising space, running a Facebook ad or venturing into the expensive world of offline media, flyers have an incredibly high return on investment.

No idea how to create an effective flyer? Get help! And I’m here to help you with this.



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It’s easy to get flyers into the potential customers’ hands and generate leads. Planning an open house of a property for sale? Reaching out to your target audience at your focus area? Spend some time thinking about where your audience spends their time, then go to that place and distribute your flyers! You’ll be surprised at how many cafés, stores, gyms, restaurants, schools and other businesses are happy to help you connect with potential customers.

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Ask popular local spots to post one of your flyers then just sit back and wait for the magic to happen.



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Customers like to have something that they can put their hands on. We get flooded with online advertising every day (You will notice this a lot while browsing your Facebook) but it’s actually pretty rare to come across a high quality, printed flyer.

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Aim to stand out from the crowd. You definitely don’t want your flyer to look like junk mail. Opt for higher quality paper than you can fit into your budget. You can save time by getting someone to provide you design templates and again, I’m here to help you with that.



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Not only are flyers tangible, they add a personal touch to your message. Physically handing your potential customer a flyer will immediately create a personal relationship with them.

Convincing someone to tuck your flyer into their bag or pocket means they are going to look at it again later. Even if they decide not to for it, they’ll still give the flyer a second thought. That’s a lot more than you can say for more expensive one-time advertisements.



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Flyers are still important in the world of advertising because people actually read them. When you have a ton of advertisements filling up a website or your Facebook, it’s very possible to have potential customers overlook your ad even if it’s well done. What about if our potential customer installed an ad blocker on their internet browser? Our paid ads will not be seen at all.

Imagine walking into your favorite café and seeing a colorful, gorgeous flyer posted right at eye level while you wait for your coffee. You’d probably notice it. Picture walking into the locker room at your gym and seeing a stunning flyer on the way to the showers. You might stop and have a quick look.



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Even online, many marketers fails to provide compelling calls to action. With flyers you can easily add an incentive or call to action in your messaging. Whether it’s to buy your products or head to your social media channels. The beauty of flyers is that they don’t get lost in the massive virtual world, so your customers can easily come back to them if needed.

Whilst there are clearly certain benefits of using printed flyers as part of your marketing toolbox, it is important to note that design, content and distribution methods are going to determine the effectiveness. As with everything, quality is key.

I’m here to help you too in providing the design template, content and distribution methods.

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